Why We Love aTrain Journey

23rd October 2023 Navneet Krishnan and Beena

Hello guys. I am posting a pencil drawing of a train by Navneet, a signal engineer, and maybe that’s why he could draw this so well😊😊. He has beautifully captured the feeling of a moving train🫠🫠. The background looks far away from the train.


The history of railways dates back to 3838 BCE. Post Track is a prehistoric causeway in the valley of River Brue, Somerset Level in England. It is one of the oldest known railway tracks. Before using steam trains, there were funicular trains in Austria, wagonways drawn by horses, tramways and plateways. The British introduced the metal rails in the mid-1750s. In 1804, a British engineer from Cornwall, Richard Trevithick, built the first full-scale steam locomotive. The first electric locomotive was built by Robert Davidson of Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1837 with batteries. Ukrainian engineer Fyodor Pirotsky first experimented with the electrification of railways in 1875. Charles Brown designed the first practical AC locomotive in 1891. And now we have high-speed trains to connect usπŸ˜‚.


But what I wanted to say all along was that trains helped in the transportation. The world has become smaller as we can travel to any destination. My friends (Basil and Ann) love to travel by train as they enjoy the changing landscape. They are currently travelling and share photos of the places they have been to. The beauty of such train rides is that you see a shifting scenery, meet people and make friends😍. I love waiting to see the photos they send🫠. It is like I am on the train with themπŸ€—. Thanks, Navneet, for the lovely drawing of the train that inspired me to write this storyπŸ™πŸ™. I hope you will share your story of a train journey.




2 thoughts on “Why We Love aTrain Journey

  1. I love pencil drawing or sketches because it brings out the classic & nostalgia feeling of it. It feels like they are many hidden story in every stroke of the pencil itself.

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