Wild to be tamed

28th February 2022 Dr Beena


Hello everyone. Today I would love to introduce Madam Lavender Jong. She goes to the same art class as I do. She is very hardworking in our class and stays focused on her painting. She permitted me to post the recent picture which she painted at home.


She is truly a conscientious student😊. She told me she saw this tutorial on youtube and created her version. It is in watercolour, and she has painted a diverse array of flowers by the roadside or a path. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the stones by the road look very realistic. In addition, she has combined two aspects of watercolour, loose and tight styles. The background is loose, and the foreground of flowers is tight, with a combination used in the stones😊.


We often pass by these beautiful wildflowers by the roadside without any attention. However, when we watch youtube tutorials, we painstakingly spend hours creating them. Then it occurred to me. We are indeed wild in the way we look at life. We don’t appreciate what we have right in front of us. But when the same stuff is created or in the hands of another, we immediately crave it. We certainly need taming of our minds😊


We tend to use the most mundane things to create our masterpieces in art. We find joy in making those simple stuff. Don’t you think we can build excitement in our humdrum lives? We can create happiness from simple things. Sometimes, just breathing can bring joy. On that note, I wish everyone success in every moment of their living.



“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” –Ayn Rand.


4 thoughts on “Wild to be tamed

  1. The wild caught my attention. I get fascinated when I see wild flowers. It reminds me of freedom and peace.

    1. Hi Shobha

      Yea the title is very misleading:). But I thought in some ways they are wildflowers that grow without any form of nurturing.

  2. Lavender always amazes me with her paintings, not to mention what lovely company she is in our class.
    You are so right Beena when you say “we often pass-by these beautiful wild flowers by the roadside”. Have you ever looked closely at weeds with tiny flowers? I often capture them on my camera, they can be absolutely beautiful!

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