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Zara and Mika

6th July 2021 Dr. Beena

They are my girls. Let me begin by declaring that this beautiful pencil drawing is by Ms. Vivian Tan from Kuching. One of my friends gave me this as a birthday gift. I was pleasantly surprised by this gift. Today’s musing is to introduce my two girls and Vivian’s beautiful caricature that is so lifelike.

Pencil drawings are not as easy as it appears. Her picture of my two girls is very lifelike. Drawing dogs is very difficult if you want to capture their exact appearance. More so, for dogs with luscious hair like my two girls. She has captured their form very well.

I am not sure how many of you keep pets. Allan convinced me to get a dog as a pet in 2010. I was very fortunate to get Zara a Shih Tzu from a local breeder. Keeping a pet is a huge responsibility. We need to find time to train, feed, groom, play with them, and take care of their health too. When I got Zara, I was working full time in a job with enormous responsibility. Once, Allan asked me if I learned to comprehend Zara’s language. I was puzzled as I did not know dogs talk. Did you know that? Gradually, I began to fathom her sounds. She had different sounds for diverse occasions. Thus, if her toy is under the chair, I can know what her bark means. So that was incredible for me to know her language. Haha, a nonhuman language!

I got Mika after I retired as Zara was getting on in age. I thought having a younger dog will invigorate an older dog. To my dismay, Mika had her first surgery on her eye as she had accidentally punctured the cornea. She was only eighteen months old. That was a harrowing experience for her and me too. Then when she was two years old, she swallowed a chew toy that obstructed her esophagus. The vet was not sure if the surgery would succeed. Then came our lockdown in March 2020 on the day of her surgery. She was the only patient left in the clinic. Nevertheless, I would visit her daily till her discharge. She recovered fully, and we were all relieved.

Hence, keeping pets is not for everyone. There are benefits if you can care for them well. Even though there are joyous moments, there will always be moments of anguish and pain. It is all part of living. The two girls have kept me sane throughout this pandemic. Even if I do not talk to anyone the whole day, I do not feel lonely. Of course, some days, I do feel down. Overall, I admit that they are rather entertaining.

I know people who have kept pets more as a fashion trend rather than as a companion. When they are bored of that fashion, the dog gets neglected. I would advise that if you wish to keep a pet, think hard before taking one.

In addition, during this pandemic, many have mental health issues that have gone unnoticed. These are unprecedented times. We need to find ways to cope as each one of us has different means. Whatever works for you, follow that path.

Till the next story, stay safe and think of a story that you would like to write or maybe learn a new language. Bye for nowโ€ฆ..

12 thoughts on “Zara and Mika

  1. ,Beena, I love your writing more and more. Itโ€™s such and easy read because the article is written directly from the heart. It just flows so naturally. You do have what it takes to be a great writer. Keep it up.

  2. Rightly said doc beena,my late wife had 2 cats and i do not know how she could communicate with them.when she comes back from work,they will be waiting at the door and followed her to the room.sadly one died last year and the other died a few months before my wife pass away.i decided not to have cats cause i would not be able to do like my wife did.the two cats be remembered as part of our family

  3. Dear Beena,

    The pencil drawings are very lifelike and brings out the softness and gentleness in Zara and Mika..

    As a person who has had pets at home from every early childhood..I would agree with you..that unless one can take care of them like a member of the should not endeavour to get into thst space as otherwise its cruel to the animal.. they do communicate and we get to know thst as we spend more snd more time with them.

    Glad you have Zara and Mika especially now during lockdown I am sure you are blessed with their unconditional love.

    Keep writing Beena and keep sharing the art-prose combo that keeps as all informed and entertained.

    1. Dear Suchi

      Even though I had dogs as a young girl but it was never kind of mine. The dogs loved my mom as she fed them, bathed them and talked to them. It’s like the dogs belonged to the family.

      With Zara and Mika it’s different. They are sweet natured maybe it’s just their breed being Shih Tzus. Or maybe because they are not caged. Yes they give you great joy but there were moments of anguish when Mika was ill.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Am waiting for your story too๐Ÿค—

  4. I agree with you Dr Beena. U need to be able to give them care, love n time if you want to keep pet. They ve feelings too.

    1. Hi Helen

      You must know pet language too๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€. Hope we can catch up once the lockdown is over and catch up on pet language.

      Take care


  5. You are really a pet expert to be able to understand your two girls so well. I havenโ€™t mastered their language well yet and hope to improve with time. So glad that your girls are giving you the needed comfort during a pandemic. After all what is love if not reciprocated.

    1. Hi Vasanthi

      If we pay attention we can learn. In fact some of my friends also picked up the language. Isn’t that great?

  6. I must agree that the drawings of Mika and Zara are very lifelike, just like they are in front of me. They are good girls and good companions, glad they give you the needed comfort and joy during this pandemic time. Keep writing and sharing to keep us accompanied and be inspired.

    1. Hi Khoo

      Nice to read your thoughts. By the way pets smile too. Try to look for that next time you see a dog๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

      Take care

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